Old Lauristonians’ Association

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OLA Mission Statement

"To engage, connect and provide relevant support to our alumnae and students, to foster a lasting and meaningful relationship with the Lauriston community for life".

The OLA provides opportunities for past students to:

  • support and enjoy Lauriston through involvement in a community of different interest groups
  • participate in social events for the School community
  • raise funds for Lauriston projects.

Old Lauristonians' Association - supporting the community

The Old Lauristonians' Association has provided significant support to the community over many years. The main objective of this association is to:

  • encourage social interaction between the members
  • to encourage past students to participate in social events 
  • to create awareness programmes and employment opportunities for the students

The Old Lauristonians' Association has provided significant support to the community over many years. The main objective of this association is to:

OLA Committee

The OLA committee meets four times a year where we work with the school to develop meaningful connections and initiatives that will engage, connect and provide support to our community. We look to foster lasting and meaningful relationships with our Lauriston community for life.


OLA News

Explore our News area and read about the wonderful things the Old Lauristonians' Association is doing to provide excellent opportunities for our alumnae to stay connected with each other and remain engaged with the School and its community.  We also publish news about our alumnae and are proud to share their accolades and accomplishments, of which we are so proud.


OLA Events

The OLA offers events, functions and other social occasions where our alumnae can gather to reignite that School spirit!  We offer 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 55, 60 and 65 year reunions and warmly welcome our Old Girls to return to their alma mater, to reconnect with their childhood friends and to re-engage with their School.  In addition to reunions, we are mindful of providing business opportunities to our professional alumnae.  It is a well-known fact that the business and professional world is small, and to be connected and to belong to your School's alumnae network, can be one of the most valuable networks to be associated with.  "It's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know and HOW you know them!!"

We love to support our professionals within our alumnae community, and we love seeing our professional alumnae network support others. 



At all functions, events and occasions, we take pride in photographing and capturing special moments.  Lauriston Alumnae have exclusive and private access to view photo albums and moments captured in film, of reunions, and other occasions, including some photos and memorabilia from when they were students at the School.  To view the gallery below, you will be asked to securely sign in.



Old Lauristonians' Association 

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